• Speaking


    'Theo is a man on a mission, he knows his stuff inside out and when he opens his mouth, you really ought to sit up and listen."


    I've had the pleasure of appearing at some of the biggest conferences, and at smaller, more intimate corporate events, delivering keynote talks to events ranging from 20 to 2,000 attendees. I've been part of panels, moderated discussions and chaired conferences across the World from the USA, Peru, Australia, Dubai, and Germany, to Thailand, the UK, Sweden, China, Malta, and South Africa.


    I like to talk about emerging futures from an industry-agnostic perspective but also cover sectors including financial services, law, healthcare, government, space and more. One of my strengths is looking for the convergence of multiple trends and how they impact business and society - using a mix of science fiction, retrofuturism, hauntology and forecasting to shine a light on the art of the possible ahead and the impacts they bring.


    Typically I'm sought after for;


    Internal sales events, AGM's, GTM's and large annual client conferences.

    Talking to smaller teams of people who need help with digital and business transformation.

    Larger open events with tickets for sale, where I can kick off proceedings with a made to measure keynote talk.


    Topic driven sessions. A focus on one area like how to understand the future in a more pragmatic way, or a focus on one area like business transformation, or innovation/creativity.


    Please note that all engagements carry a speaker fee and do not include travel expenses. To enquire about availability and fees please use the booking link.



  • Highlight Reel

    A small selection of recordings taken from conferences and podcasts.


    "Would you be happy to follow a robot leader?"


    A question posed at this TED talk on living in a future with Artificial Intelligence, and where it may lead humanity next.

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    Cloud Realities

    "The Problem With AI" with the CapGemini Cloud Realities podcast team.

    Invisible Machines

    "Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Society" - podcast and discussion on AI with Josh Tyler.


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    The Futurists

    "Contrarian Futures"


    Podcast with fellow futurist, Brett King, discussing artificial intelligence and the impact on society.

    Discourse - The Small Print

    I chat with my co-author and fellow futurist, Bronwyn Williams, on the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, universal basic income and more.

    Polyweb -

    A conversation with Sara Tortoli of Polyweb on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the workplace.

  • Events

    A selection of events and conferences throughout the years I've presented at.