• Consulting

  • 'I had more creative ideas from Theo in 6 months than I have had in 6 years from most people. Working with Theo can be a white knuckle ride, fast, exhilarating and fun.'


    Spending years at the forefront of emerging and future technologies has given me unique insight into trends and I enjoy helping companies understand the meaning of true innovation and how to apply it. If you're looking to take advantage of these trends or thinking about how to embed a culture of innovation internally then book a call and let's talk.

    Marketing and Storytelling

    Having been a former Chief Evangelist and CMO and spent years speaking at events I know the power of a good story and how it hits audiences and your target market. If you're struggling to find your voice for your company and products or solutions then get in touch and I'll help you rediscover it.

    Startup Mentoring and VC Fund Due Diligence

    In the past, I've mentored in startup accelerators, worked for startups and raised money for my own venture. Giving back to help entrepreneurs is something I love to do but also as a futurist who understands technology, I can help VC funds navigate these trends and also help them with due diligence against the startup pitches they receive.