• About Theo

    One of Europe's foremost futurists.

    Theo Priestley is a globally recognised and sought after futurist and international speaker, an author, and authority on the future of business, technology and society.


    He has had the pleasure of appearing at some of the biggest conferences, and at smaller, intimate corporate events, delivering keynote talks to audiences ranging from 50 to 4,000. He has been part of panel discussions and chaired conferences across the World including USA, Peru, Australia, Dubai, Germany, UK, Sweden, China, Malta and South Africa.


    Theo has published more than 100 articles on topics including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Smart Cities, Education, Healthcare, Marketing, Digital Transformation, and Virtual Reality, for Forbes, the European, WIRED, and Huffington Post. He has also contributed to VentureBeat, GigaOM, The Times Raconteur, and been interviewed for BBC Radio and UK national television news on technology trends.


    He is widely known and sought after for his forthright views on the negative impacts of technology on society, and currently works with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to research technology's wider impact on society and public policy with a view to informing political leaders of the risks and benefits of adoption.


    Theo has been listed as a Top 100 global technology influencer and thought leader on the Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Fintech multiple years in a row.


    He currently hosts the We Didn't Start the Fire podcast, examining the intersection of technology, business and society with guests.


    His book, 'The Future Starts Now', co-authored with Bronwyn Williams will be available early 2021 from Bloomsbury.

  • Foresight Consulting

    The antithesis of a management consultant.

    From time to time Theo consults with organizations and brands to help them understand what the future may hold, how technology can disrupt their business and operations, and what the impact of technology could lead to if left unchecked.


    Acting as an anti-think tank consultancy service, he aims to tell you exactly what you don't want to hear because what you do want to hear isn't worth much no matter how high a price you've paid someone to say it.


    His latest engagements have centred on the current pandemic and has created a webinar session for companies called "Going Viral", discussing how business models, product strategies, leadership and marketing all need to shift to take advantage under the pandemic to emerge stronger at the other side.

  • Podcast

    Now available on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcast.

    We Didn't Start The Fire

    In this new podcast series Theo chews the fat with the people shaking up their industries; to people wanting to change the world for the better; and to those who understand the impact on society if we make the wrong decisions.

  • Highlights

    A selection of some of Theo's more popular published articles and conference appearances discussing emerging trends and technologies.


    "Would you be happy to follow a robot leader?"

    A question posed at this TEDx talk on living in a future with Artificial Intelligence, and where it may lead humanity next.


    "Everything is connected in the Internet of Things", a little WIRED piece I wrote a few years back.


    "AI and IOT are inseperable."


    A piece on Forbes considering a future where AI and IOT live hand in hand.

    Bosch C-World

    "Building a connected world."


    Keynote address at Bosch Connected World, discussing and asking the question, 'just who are we building this new world for?'

  • Testimonials

    Don't just take his word for it.

    SVP, HPE

    This is a tough recommendation to write, because it's going to come off sounding like a paid advertisement - but it simply reflects the incredible talent and experience that Theo brings to the table.

    Conference Manager, IDC

    His assessment by the audience was best among all the rest of speakers. He grabs attention of delegates with highly professional content, combined with humor great energy and outstanding presentation skills.

    Director, Pegasystems

    Theo is a man on a mission, he knows his stuff inside out and when he opens his mouth, you really ought to sit up and listen.

    MD, Berkeley PR

    Theo is one of the smartest people I have had the pleasure ofworking with. He deeply understands technology but more importantly how it can impact the lives of business and people.

    MD, Deloitte Digital

    His opinions on industry trends and market activity are well respected & despised at the same time, making him a true industry influencer.

    CEO, Elements.Cloud

    He challenges the status quo and therefore plays a vital role in driving innovation and thought leadership in the industry.

    CTO, Pegasystems

    I had more creative ideas from Theo in 6 months than I have had in 6 years from most people. Working with Theo can be a white knuckle ride, fast, exhillerating and fun.

    Director, Wipro Digital

    He can process a few bits of information, do the necessary research, get a vision of a big picture and quickly form a pretty strong opinion of his own. And what's even better, that opinion is nursed in an open mind and is not hard-coded.

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